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Training designer, artist in visual art, Geneviève Duplessis practices silkscreen and digital art in her workshop in the canton of Potton.

From her photographs or drawings, she manually creates and prints original prints by direct photochemical process.

His serigraphs are poetic and contemporary representations: The concentrated being, the cliché and the iconic object are among his favorite themes. With a certain mimicry with the current virtual imagery, his images fit into our visual environment without a hitch, but brought by the slight materiality of the paper, they come alive.

Since 2016, while deepening her knowledge of traditional techniques, she experimented on the fringes of these. In 2018 she completed a screenprinting internship with Gianpaolo Fallani in Venice.

 Silkscreen lends itself naturally to the game of unveiling an abstract form opposed to the figurative form of an image. The supple coming and going between these two forms constitutes the essence of my intention.

Each of his prints is a unique work of art, signed and numbered. In addition to her artistic production, she creates products, derived from her pictorial research, products with mainly rural themes.

A silkscreen workshop in Potton

TOGpotton silkscreen workshop in Mansonville is unique. Nested in a rural environment full of history, we create a limited edition of serigraph. Our work is accessible and characteristic of the workshop; Playful, contemporary and sober. We hope that one day, it will no longer be possible to visit the Township of Potton, in the Eastern Townships, without stopping in this Village Heart that is Mansonville.

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